Best Left Buried

Bonus: Q&A with Zach Cox of SoulMuppet Publishing

Show Notes:

To tide us over til our next one-shot, here's a bonus episode where our host and GM Fiona interviews Zach Cox, head writer of SoulMuppet Publishing.

SoulMuppet Publishing is best known for the fantasy horror RPG, Best Left Buried, a  game that threatens characters' sanities as much as their lives. Within the Crypt, adventurers are beset by strange monsters, bizarre environments and eldritch magics, which will take them on their journey from fresh-faced recruits from to grizzled survivors.

Please note: Since recording this interview back in March, SoulMuppet Publishing has changed some of the language within Best Left Buried based on community feedback and replaced certain terms with more appropriate alternatives. Insanities are now been renamed Afflictions. You can read more about this and other updates on the SoulMuppet Publishing website.


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SoulMuppet Publishing’s work

Zach’s RPG recommendations


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Q&A guest was Zach Cox, head writer of SoulMuppet Publishing.

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