Episode #21: Risus: The Anything RPG Pt. 1

Show Notes:

This week, Fiona is joined by Claire for 'Risus: The Anything RPG' by S John Ross of Cumberland Games & Diversions.

For some, Risus is a handy “emergency” RPG for spur-of-the-moment one-shots and rapid character creation. For others, it’s a reliable campaign system supporting years of play. No matter what you think it is, there's no wrong way to play. Find more information about ‘Risus: The Anything RPG’ on the Cumberland Games & Diversions website: https://rolltop-indigo.blogspot.com/.

Content warning: Mild horror/terror themes, car accident, possible suicide, death.


  • Intro: 00:00:10

  • Gameplay overview: 00:01:16

  • Start of 'Risus: The Anything RPG' one-shot: 00:03:21

  • Outro and credits: 00:53:43


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This episode’s player was Claire Jarvis.

This episode’s RPG one-shot was 'Risus: The Anything RPG' by S John Ross of Cumberland Games & Diversions.

The theme music was '8-bit march' by Twin Musicom (twinmusicom.org), licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 License.

The additional music in this episode was ‘They can feel you’ by Hainbach.

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