Xerieos: Dungeons & Dragons 5e Trailer

Show notes:

If you love watching Dungeon and Dragons game series like Critical Role and HighRollers, then you will love 'Xerieos: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition' a brand new YouTube series, created by Ryan Harris aka Ursa Ryan.

Welcome to the world of Xerieos, a home-brew campaign setting, created and inspired by 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons rule set!

This series features Fiona Howat (Host and DM of the ‘What Am I Rolling?’ podcast), Sam Robins, and David T Cox. Together, our would be adventurers Aubrey, Blue and Theren must join forces to overcome the many obstacles this new dangerous world throws at them, as well as somehow not perish in the process.

Together, they must face scary enemies, deadly traps, mysterious backstories and terrible dice rolls.

Brand new episodes every Monday at 5 pm GMT: 'Xerieos: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition'!


Dungeon Master: Ryan Harris (@UrsaRyan)

Aubrey Amblecrown: Fiona Howat (@WAIRPodcast)

'Blue' the Bard: Sam Robins (@Bobhatstand)

Theren Ap Alaric: David T Cox (@DavidT_Cox)

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