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Xerieos: Dungeons & Dragons

As well as running one-shots and editing episodes for 'What Am I Rolling?', Fiona and some of the WAIR regulars are also a part of 'Xerieos: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition' a YouTube series, created by Ryan Harris aka Ursa Ryan.

Welcome to the world of Xerieos, a home-brew campaign setting, created and inspired by 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons rule set! Together, our heroes must fight to overcome the many obstacles this new dangerous world throws at them, as well as somehow not perish in the process.

New episodes every Monday 5pm GMT!


Dungeon Master: Ryan Harris (@UrsaRyan)

Aubrey Amblecrown: Fiona Howat (@WAIRPodcast)

'Blue' the Bard: Sam Robins (@Bobhatstand)

Theren Ap Alaric: David T Cox (@DavidT_Cox)

Crossover one-shots!