Bonus: Star Trek Adventures 'Signals' Outtakes!

Show Notes:

To tide us over til our next one-shot, here's a bonus episode of the outtakes from our 'Star Trek Adventures: Signals' one-shot!


  • Intro: 00:00:00

  • Outtakes start: 00:00:18


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This episode’s players were Colleen Cheetham-Gerrard, Richie Cheetham-Gerrard and John Nicoll.

This episode’s RPG one-shot was ‘Star Trek Adventures’ published by Modiphius Entertainment. You can find out more about 'Star Trek Adventures' and download the FREE quickstart rules PDF on the Modiphius Entertainment website (

The theme music was '8-bit march' by Twin Musicom (, licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 License.

The additional music in this episode was 'Space Chatter' by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions.

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